You are short on time and have a problem to solve as the One-Size-Fits-All programming is no longer working in senior living. Simple yet sophisticated PowerPoint slides provide the framework for a ‘live interactive’ variety show that serves up cognitive exercise and a TRIPLE plug n’ play solution.

Activity Director
  • Do your residents no-show to scheduled programming or let you know they are bored?  #samething  
  • Could you introduce simple technology to offset declining interests in crafts?  #askthemen
  • Difficulty getting men to participate?  #veteranshomeapproved
  • Entertainers too expensive or cancel last minute?  #notcool
  • Searching for that Ace-in-the-Hole or that Something-for-Everybody every month?  #aceinthehole
  • Our adult children are assessing our social life for us more than ever.
  • Programs for us men will need to be unique and innovative.
  • We like to stretch the noodle and feel valued.
  • Meaningful activity buffers us from depression and improves self-image.
  • We are accepting of technology and welcome new experiences.
  • We never tire of reliving memories that validate our own journey.
  • Happiness equals good cognitive health!
  • Are your seniors’ families marketing for you, posting photos on social media?  #selfiesarefree 
  • Challenged to define your differentiators among the competition?  #noWiFineeded
  • Does your website showcase resident programming progressive enough to lure new prospects?  #tripleplay
  • Are budgets limiting exposure through community events?  #startbragging 
  • Searching for that Ace-in-the-Hole to pair with events, family or theme days and the like?  #aceinthehole

Today’s seniors entering communities have a higher acuity and sophistication from experience with the internet and social media.  Younger more agile residents are entering due to reduced capacities, while others enter much older from longer in-home services. Population diversity creates another new social challenge. Furthermore, your calendar programming is online for public scrutiny and comparison shopping. Truth is, opportunities abound to introduce simple social technology to help you more than just the Wii, and families are expecting more. As most prepare for an influx of tech-savvy seniors, many are still without Wi-Fi.  Introducing your new Ace-in-the Hole monthly programming that serves up a big helping of heart to both your seniors and the business.

About Us

Linda Ricci

Inspired by Linda’s 95 year old mother and an active member in the St. Louis community, Linda wanted to provide the seniors dignified entertainment that was not only fun but would stretch the noodle at the same time.

An IT professional to Fortune 500 companies, she teamed up with St. Louis amateur art studios providing a cornucopia of vibrant artwork to the residents, while putting on a digital variety show like none other.  After so many requests for the interactive concept, Linda went to work to share the SeniorNetShows© to senior communities everywhere.

“I never thought that my full time job could make so many people smile.”  

If you can hit a key stroke, you can host this live show!

SeniorNetShows serves up a new variety show every month. NO WI-FI NEEDED. Simply download the PowerPoint slide show onto your laptop or a thumb drive that inserts into a laptop. From there you can host the show anytime.  Connect the laptop to either the TV monitor or a projector. Gather your seniors for a group-style interactive variety hour hosted by yours truly. The host is guided by scripted notes and sets the pace. Each SeniorNetShow has (5) seamless segments welcoming the senior’s participation as contestants in familiar games, movies, songs. Length 60 mins. No pressure. All capacities.

You are one key stroke away from braggable engagement.

Easy Button.  Plan calendars confidently.  Demos below.

***Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 or 2016 is required on the laptop***

Life Smiles Back!

Your role is one that is packed with heart. I raise my laptop high to toast you all!  With my mother as inspiration, and in the spirit of creating a service that truly serves seniors, caregivers and the business,© was formed in a very healing personal journey. Allow me to take a small load off of you each month. Enroll below for immediate access to ShowPackOne.

$39.99 mo.


A fast-paced seamless hour with 5 Distinct Segments. Each show begins with a high-energy opener that always gets their attention. Either something from their past or introducing something they have never seen before. Dubbed lyrics allows for sing-a-longs.  View demos of the slide show modules below.

Featured and a favorite. High sensory trivia chocked full of music, movie clips and images from all the decades.  Host narrates an extra helping of  ‘scoop’ on the celebrities of film, TV, sports and music from the scripted notes visible to the host. Seniors relive the best of the best of times. The happiest trip down Memory Lane validating the Golden Age of entertainment.  Movie Star Trivia is approx. 25-30  mins in length.
Nobody minds the commercials and jingles of yesteryear.  See the USA in your Chevrolet!  Where’s the beef?  Be A Pepper. It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature. Plop plop fizz fizz oh what a relief it is… and by now we know Who squeezed the Charmin?
Familiar formats and senior favorites. You are the host with Hannah in the wings to help. Vowels are always FREE.  Each slide is responsive to the clicks on letters/answers on the puzzle boards. Designed for group play and in real time.  The ‘solve’ button is at the ready.  Familiar sounds, clangs, buzzers and applause. This module alternates monthly with Neighborly Feud and Wheel of $uccess. This portion of the show runs 25-30 mins. Set your own pace.
This finale clip says ‘it’s a wrap’ and showcases WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD it truly is. About 2 mins of real life designed to leave them with a smile until the next time.  Farewell my friends!

“I love the show. It’s a little bit of everything and has something for everybody.”    – Kristen, Resident Programs Coordinator- Brookdale Senior Living

Behind the Scenes of a ShowPack   Part 1
Behind the Scenes of a ShowPack   Part 2

”Nothing out there like this.  Even the staff walking by got involved.  They had so much fun”.

Mini Bindra

Activites Director, Westchester House

“This is the best thing they have ever done for us.  We really enjoyed this and we are so tired of Bingo”.


Resident, Crestview Senior Living

“Phenomenal, moving things to make room for this on the schedule”.

Margaret Kroesen

Activity Director, Spencer Place

“Your show was very entertaining. We loved the music and dancing of that era. This was my Mom’s first event since moving in at the Bridges and she loved it!  Let me know when you will be back, I would love to see your presentation again!”


Son of resident, The Bridge Florissant

“Thank you so much again! The residents really enjoyed themselves and couldn’t stop talking about the program itself, I look forward to our future date in October.”

Cherisian Scott

Enrichment , Stonebridge Maryland Heights

“ Very unique entertainment and dignified for the seniors”.

Margie Orr

Activites Director, Breeze Park

“Thank you for the joy you brought to our heats.  We appreciate your thoughtfulness and kindness. YOU make a difference!”  Love Margi and the Residents of West County Care


Resident, West County Care Center

“This reminds me of my young years going to the movies every Saturday with my girlfriends.”


Resident, Lake St. Charles


Life Smiles Back!
Corp Plans/Month
  • “Life is a cabaret old chum. So come to the cabaret!” 

  • If it works don’t fix it. Let all your locations ‘Break a Leg’. Individual site access. Support provided 24×7 by videos in the members area, the User Guide, email or phone.


Video Gallery

  • You are not afraid to push the creative envelope.
  • You've yet to solve the male isolation problem.
  • You host events for family and public, tours, holidays.
  • You outsource today, or you don't!
  • You are brilliant and reallocate time for other things.
  • Your motto is “We’ve always done it this way.”
  • You think outsourcing is too expensive. NOPE!
  • You regard TV time as an activity. This is NOT that.
  • You have yet to embrace the power of social media.
  • You believe the seniors love to make Styrofoam daisies.

Let’s get this show on the road!

“I love the show. It’s a little bit of everything and has something for everybody.”

Kristen, Resident Programs Coordinator- Brookdale Senior Living