What do you mean by BRAGGABLE ENGAGEMENT?

When your seniors and their adult children ask ” When are you doing this again?”, you know that you have exceeded their expectations and provided a marketable and video-worthy experience for even the business side of senior living. Having a social media-worthy activity is GOLD for attracting the attention of internet shoppers looking to place Mom or Dad. When you see your seniors singing to the dubbed songs of yesteryear, playing as live contestants in the Wheel or Feud games, tapping toes to the Old Time Commercial jingles, or the awe of the finale in ‘Life Smiles Back’, we’ve all done our job. Pair this show with holidays, events, theme days, family days or a standalone show day and start bragging!   #BragAway

What kind of senior show is this?

This is PowerPoint interactive engagement with five distinct, yet seamless segments delivered in the framework of a highly animated slide show…hosted by YOU. Your seniors are the participants in the game show and trivia portions of the 60 minute show.  Formatted like the well-loved variety shows of the 60’s and 70’s and designed for senior living communities and group-style audiences of ALL functioning levels. Nobody gets bored and the hour moves fast. Provides cognitive exercise, high-sensory involvement and one-of-a-kind enrichment fit for your visitors for a fraction of the price of live entertainers  Just admit that you’ve always longed to be Monty Hall or Bob Barker. #BreakALeg

How often do I get a new show?

Worthy of a repeat performance, every month your new show is available the very same day as your first purchase day (your Monthaversary).  Which means you now have your Ace-in-the-Hole for your calendar planning and special events. Every month will have the same format and order but the content is brand new to keep it a fresh experience for the audience, participants and visitors. Something for everyone means you will enjoy seeing the men come out of their rooms to join in!  #AskTheMen

Tell me about PowerPoint presentations. How do I actually use it?

If you can hit a key stroke, you can host this show.  PowerPoint presentations are simple slide shows that you flip through page by page. Each SeniorNetShow© is a PowerPoint slide deck that is highly animated, chocked full of simple yet secret locked down technology that reproduces a real-time show experience. Your job is to host the show and flip the page.  As the host, you read the scripted ‘live’ commentary for your contestants and set the pace. We provide the notes and extra celebrity scoop to guide you along from start to finish. Sounds easy right?  It is.  Oh and don’t worry about any pressure on your seniors. Some prefer to only watch the game show players and enjoy the music or sing along with the performers of their day. #PressTheEasyButton

***Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 or 2016 is required on the laptop***

How much does this cost?

$39.99 mo.credit card payment. A SeniorNetShows© membership delivers a new variety show monthly when you subscribe. SeniorNetShows© does not have contracts or term requirements. Stay as long as it serves you, When you sign up, your unique member login allows access to the latest show monthly.  Download the digital variety show (a PowerPoint file) to your PC/Thumb Drive/Laptop and host the show whenever you like, as many times as you like. These shows were designed to provide the seniors what they love most, Live entertainment without the high cost of entertainers.  #BudgetsAreReal  #AceInTheHole

Do I need Wi-Fi in the building?

No. A Wi-Fi or internet connection is not needed to host and play the show.

SeniorNetShows© requires no internet connection to run the show anywhere you are in your facility. This show is mobile by means of downloading the digital slide deck onto a laptop, or a thumb drive inserted into a laptop. The laptop itself does NOT need internet to play the show and is only the vehicle to house the show content and press play, flip the pages, and the cursor to flip the game show tiles. #Easy  #SimpleTechnology

PS. Downloading of the Show Pack DOES require an internet connection to get it off the website. This can be done from a wired or wireless internet connection at the facility or a home internet connection.

Is Senior Living ready for simple technology?

Yes!! Senior Living is primed to adopt technology that addresses social, enrichment and marketing challenges(non-medical).  Introducing digital enrichment for cognitive fitness & entertainment already makes sense. The diversity of today’s seniors is making it difficult to find common ground for group-style activities. SeniorNetShows© has been field tested for over a year in more than 50 senior living communities across diverse corporate management corporations within St.Louis Metro area. The field testing was a huge success because it appealed to all functioning levels, both genders, activity directors, visiting families, the business budgets and any staff walking by in assisted, dimentia and independent communities. #BringsTheMenOut

I'm not techie. What kind of support will I need?

No worries there. You are supported. Video tutorials are in the members area 24×7. Join the FaceBook User Group Community. The User Guide is on the website below and with the monthly Show Pack, and of course call or email linda@seniornetshows.com.  The hook up is easy. Once the digital Show Pack is downloaded from the SeniorNetShows© website and onto a laptop  (internet required for download only) ,connect the laptop to a digital TV or a projector with an HDMI cable.

  • ***Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 or 2016 is required on the laptop***
  • Recommend a 10ft HDMI cable. 6ft will accomodate too.
  • Select the INPUT/AUX settings on the TV.( See SeniorNetShows User Guide)
  • Do you have a speaker?  Turn up the sound for your seniors and make it a party.
  • Got Stuck? Video ‘Cheat Sheets’ and User Guide are in the Members Area
  • Call or email. Practice swings are a must for even the best athletes!

Download User Guide